Introduction to the World of HOOD


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The Britain we know today never came about. In the HOOD timeline, after the victory of Empress Matilda over King Stephen of Blois in the 12th Century, England was divided into sixteen Duchies under matriarchal rule. Fast forward to the present, and successive ages have seen this transform into thirteen autonomous countries on the now renamed Anglia Isle. Their society is inclusive, with no discrimination against race, gender or sexuality. However, it retains some medieval influences, often eschewing what we in our world would see as democracy and making extensive use of corporal punishment and public executions.

Magic exists and flourishes as the religion of Hycathism. Only women can have magical powers, and these Hycathae help advance technology more quickly than in our reality. But advanced technology led to advanced climate change and, a century ago, sea-level rise flooded much of the landmass. Blamed for the flood, the Hycathae fled to the deserts of Northern Africa. With the help of their magic, they created Al-Murooj, the Promised Land: a vast, fertile oasis where they developed seeds that can grow in seawater – essential in this now famine-stricken world.

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