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“Strands of Time” is a podcast channel based in Robyn’s Nottingham, created and presented by academic-turned-broadcaster Dr. Annette Lynton. It explores the history of the Anglia Isle and beyond through an array of podcast series dedicated to specific time periods, movements and historical figures. 

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Dr. Lynton examines the events which ushered in the First Age of Hycath, pivoting off the English succession crisis of the 1130s which led to the titular clash, between Empress Matilda, a Hycatha and the rightful heir, and her cousin, Stephen of Blois, who usurped her. Each of the six episodes is focused on one of six Hycathae whom Lynton deems a significant figure in the events of this time, and casts new light on their contributions, both positive and negative. Empress Matilda herself is the subject of the first episode, and those who would be her helpers and compatriots the other five.

Each episode, Dr. Lynton is joined by an expert in a different element or field of study to do with history and/or Hycathism, who will provide insight into the episode’s subject and their surroundings, along with evidence to back it up.

Future Podcasts

The Sacking of the Vatican

In The Sacking of the Vatican, we take a deep dive into the events leading up to the splitting of England into 17 separate Queendoms, as seen through the eyes of the first Queen of East Mercia, Mary-Anne Fitzwalter. Two and a half centuries after the Clash of the Cousins, Mary-Anne follows Queen Matilda VI over to mainland Europe in order to put a stop to the Church’s persecution of the Hycath faith once and for all. But not all of their political agendas are aligned and greed (or rather the need for power) soon becomes the greater enemy.

Fort Oliver

Fort Oliver will be the third series created by Dr. Annette Lynton for her Strands of Time podcast channel. It shifts focus specifically to the Olivers, one of the six founding families of the Queendom of East Mercia, seldom spoken of in the city today. Picking up at the beginning of the 15th century and proceeding to the end of the 17th, Dr. Lynton covers the family’s rise to power, their subsequent attempted coup and exile, the creation of their city of Fort Oliver and, finally, their brazen attempt to reunite the 11 Queendoms under the banner of England and their own rule.

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