The Wall

The Wall

Location: Nottingham, East Mercia
Completed: YE 877

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The Wall is a fortification that surrounds the City of Nottingham’s Inner Circle, separating it from the Outer Circle regions. The Wall spans from the mouth of the River Derwent in the south of Nottingham to the coastline north of Hunting House. Along with the Champions Arena – which the Wall was built around, and which can be accessed from both the Inner and Outer circles – the Wall contains three major gates that provide passageway between the Inner and Outer circles. These are the Southern and Northern Gates, and the High Gate which sits near the Eye.


Plans for the Wall were initially signed off on in YE 875, with then Prince Regent John Fitzwalter stirring up support from the electorate, who pressured council members to vote in favour of the Wall, due to growing fears surrounding the rebellions in the Outer Circle. Construction began in early YE 876 and was completed within only 18 months, in YE 877.

Construction of the Wall included several buildings, which were incorporated into its structure: the Champions Arena, allowing both Inner and Outer Circle citizens to attend sporting events and executions; the Inner Circle Barracks, built to house the majority of the City’s security forces, are home to the City Guards, High Guards, and the Guardsmen. The Wall also incorporated the existing Eye tower.

Since its construction, the Wall has been a flashpoint of social unrest and often volatile showings of discontent amongst those relegated to a significantly harsher life in the Outer Circle. Life within the Wall has benefitted hugely from the hierarchy it has established, with the majority of the city’s wealth and resources being pooled in the Inner Circle. While the effects of the Change and the Long Famine can still be felt, better food distribution, diminished crime, and well-funded healthcare have made life for the Inner Circle’s affluent inhabitants significantly better than that outside the wall. A lack of funding for the communities of the Outer Circle has caused infrastructure to deteriorate. The Wall itself has enabled the unequal distribution of food across Nottingham, with most resources being channelled inside the Wall, despite its being primarily produced in Outer Circle facilities. As a result, one of the Rebellion’s primary aims, under leader Will Scarlett, has been to remove the Wall and reunite the city.

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