Cyntha (s), Cynthae (pl)

Notable Cynthae:
Empress Matilda (12th century)
Gabriella Fitzwalter (12th century)
Mary-Anne Fitzwalter (14th century)
Ingeborg Blomgren (19th century)
Iris Cavendish (21st century)
Alana Dale (21st century)

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Cynthae are the second most powerful tier of Hycathae, second only to Nyridiae.


As the eight Nyridia bloodlines have all ceased due to Reckoning, Cynthae have since become the most powerful extant Hycathae. Nyridiae could only pass their powers to their first-born daughters, while the remaining daughters would become less powerful Cynthae. The same would apply to these Cynthae’s daughters, with those not inheriting their mothers’ full powers becoming Baethlae.


See also: Hycathic Powers

Like all tiers of Hycathae, Cynthae have honed their power from an ancient knowledge of the natural world and its molecular composition. These abilities may include telekinesis, pyrokinesis, shapeshifting, and healing. While Nyridiae could apply these powers well beyond their reach, Cynthae are limited to using their magic through touch. Cynthae may utilise their powers for longer than Baethlae, and will recover faster.

There can be a great variation among Cynthae in terms of skill and application; some may have dedicated their lives to harnessing their magic, others may have yet to learn how to use it and could be outranked by a dedicated and experienced Baethla. However, there remain abilities that Cynthae inherit, such as passing emotional impulses or thermographic vision, that Baethlae may never access.

Notable Cynthae

  • Agatha (1029 – 1072), great grandmother to Empress Matilda (Maud)
  • Margaret (1045 – 1093), grandmother to Empress Matilda (Maud)
  • Edith, Matilda of Scotland (1080 – 1118), mother to Empress Matilda (Maud)
  • Empress Matilda “Maud” Beauclerc (1102 – 1167), Queen of England
  • Roosmarijn Doolaard (1112 – 1185), 1st Duchess of Chiltern
  • Aurélie Paquet (1123 – 1211), 1st Duchess of Hastings
  • Gabriella Fitzwalter (1100 – 1198), 1st Duchess of Nottingham
  • Mary-Anne Fitzwalter (1350 – 1412), 9th Duchess of Nottingham and 1st Queen of East Mercia
  • Empress Matilda V (1323 – 1378), last Empress of England
  • Ingeborg Blomgren (1850 – 1895), the eldest of the sisters, reckoned into the Blue Phoenix Stone
  • Iris Cavendish (1977 – ), Head of the Hycathic Salvation Program
  • Alana Dale (2005 – ), outlaw and sister to the rebel leader Will Scarlett
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