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The Oculus is the Hycathic Council. It is composed of eight Hycathae elders and led by the Octal, a Hycathic elder, whose power has passed on to her daughters. The Octal is elected from amongst the council members and the role is awarded in cycles of eight years. She is supported by the vice-Octal, who will succeed her in the event of her death or resignation.

The Octal’s role is to make sure the lore and codes among Hycathae are followed and to act as judge in the trial and sentencing of Hycathae. It is a position of the highest responsibility that previously included a seat on the East Mercian Council. However, in the aftermath of the Second Hycath War, it was decided that religious institutions should no longer hold sway in political decisions. The Octal’s place on the council was revoked in YE 757. In present-day East Mercia the Oculus only holds an advisory position. They were respected by King Richard IV, but are largely ignored by his successor King John Fitzwalter. The only place left where they do still hold a strong influence is in the Hycathic Salvation Program.

The Oculus is responsible for the lore, codes and management of all matters relating to Hycathism. Each country has its own Oculus. In the event that a Hycatha breaks the law, the Oculus will convene the trial and pass sentence. If a Hycatha is to be Reckoned, the Octal will reach out to the Order of Hecate to summon the Tricapita to perform the ritual.

Membership of the Oculus is by application and open to any Hycathic elder whose power has passed on to her daughters.

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