Hycathus (s), Hycathi (pl)

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Hycathi are humans of all genders who follow the religion of Hycathism as spiritual adherents, despite possessing no Hycathic powers. They most commonly assist and support Hycathae as part of their religious observance. Throughout history, Hycathi have often been partners, spouses or consorts of Hycathae, be that out of political allyship, a shared emotional understanding, or both.


Hycathi have existed as long as Hycathae, though their levels of organisation and self-identification have varied over time.

Hycathi in England were not organised until during the Norman Conquest in the 11th Century AD, when several Hycathic cells sprung up around the country in clandestine resistance to the brutal actions of Willem the Conqueror. Pioneering in this regard were Meredith Eymor and Elspeth Sherman, Hycathae from Coventry whose male relatives had been killed fighting Willem on his way to harry the North. In amassing a community of Hycathae, they also assembled one of the first significant groupings of Hycathi, creating a mutually beneficial network.

These groupings would prove useful in providing numbers to influence important developments in Hycathic history. Together, Hycathi and Hycathae supported the call for a lawfully recognised defence of self-defence to using lethal force with Hycathic powers. This happened in the wake of the New Forest Incident – where Meredith was one of the three on trial – helping to provide the leverage necessary for the then Octal to apply this defence for the first time. Hycathi were also instrumental in increasing the forces of Empress Matilda I during the First Hycath War. This was largely due to the efforts of Alice Eymor, Meredith Eymor’s daughter and – later – posthumous Margrave of West Mercia, who travelled the length of England on a mission from Maud to recruit Hycathae and was also successful in including Hycathi into the bargain.

In the present day, the life of a Hycathus is more one of sedate religious observance, though some still contribute to political causes both Hycathic and non-Hycathic.

Notable Hycathi

In history

Sigeweard Ryland: partner of Meredith Eymor and father of Alice Eymor

In the present day

Dr. Christopher Aldridge: East Mercian religious leader, theologian and broadcaster

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