Will Scarlett

Will Scarlett

Photo by Daniel D. Moses

Name: Will Scarlett
Gender: Male
Born: 16 January YE 858 (25)
Mother: Lily Scarlett
Father: Hugh Scarlett
Family: Kate Scarlett (twin sister), Alana Dale (adopted sister) Violet Cavendish (aunt)
Resides in: Greenwood, East Mercia

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Will Scarlett, b. 16th January YE 858, is the outlawed leader of a rebellion against King John II and his regime. He uses a campaign of bombings, raids and propaganda to highlight the starvation and lack of resources in Nottingham’s Outer Circle. Charming and charismatic, he is a natural leader who inspires loyalty and is ruthless in pursuit of his goals, though there is growing opposition to his leadership.

Early Life

Will is a twin born in the Marcdom of Holderness, in the north of East Mercia, nine minutes after his sister Kate. His mother, Lily, was an educator; his father, Hugh (nee Cavendish), was an engineer, and the family enjoyed a comfortable life in the coastal town of Helmsley. 

In YE 867 Lily adopted one year old Alana Dale at the request of Will’s paternal aunt, Violet, a Cyntha, who visited often to help with raising a Hycathic child. 

As a child, Will was a champion competitive swimmer, but had to drop out after his father was killed in an industrial accident in YE 868. Lily was forced to take on multiple jobs to support her three young children and, although only aged ten, Will also began working, taking a job as a farm hand after school and on weekends to help out. 

In YE 871, Lily was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Being the main source of income for the family, she continued to work which likely accelerated her illness. With limited state medical services, and unable to afford medication, Lily died on 23rd February YE 874, four days before her 41st birthday. Will was with her when she died.

The children went to live with their aunt Audrey, in Nottingham. But she neglected Alana due to her being a Hycatha – something Audrey had rejected in herself. Will became very protective of Alana as a result and, after a furious row, moved his sisters out of their aunt’s house in late YE 874. However, Kate resented their new life and returned to live with Audrey, leaving Will to provide and care for Alana alone.


Will took jobs as a farm hand and labourer, and started an engineering apprenticeship at the Derwent Industrial Complex in the summer of YE 875, but with money extremely tight, he began stealing to supplement his income. He was arrested several times, sentenced each time to two rounds in the Pits, where he became something of a crowd favourite. However, as a result, he lost his apprenticeship.

Will became angry at the increasing divide he saw as plans for the Wall were announced. He joined anti-wall protests, venting his anger in speeches and building a reputation as a powerful speaker who could inspire others. Joining the rebellion was a natural progression.
Role in the Rebellion

In the early days, the rebellion’s main approach was negotiation. As a confident speaker, Will became part of the negotiating team, regularly meeting with crown administrators to plan how food and resources distribution would work once the wall was built. 

Then, in September YE 877, a militant faction set off a bomb which greatly damaged the Wall, delaying construction and causing hundreds of deaths. The rebellion were branded terrorists, negotiations ceased immediately and all rebels were exiled from the Outer Circle, becoming outlaws. 

Will rose through the rebellion to become second in command, taking over when previous leader, Carla Poulsen, was killed in YE 879. He has now been leader for four years.

His campaign is a mixture of violence, raids and propaganda. Regular broadcasts and drone drops raise awareness of conditions outside the Wall. Surveillance, through bugs and hacking, gathers useful information, while regular raids acquire valuable resources for the rebellion and food which is distributed free amongst the people of the Outer Circle. Bombings are designed to cause disruption to the crown’s infrastructure. One of these bombings a year ago, on Warriors’ Day, accidentally killed Queen Isobel and made Will public enemy number one.

Personal Life

Will is extremely protective of his two sisters and deeply troubled that Kate is the King’s consort, believing her to be held against her will. He has no relationship with his aunt Violet.

He has a found family in the rebellion and has formed a tight knit group of people he trusts.

Although Will had a number of significant intimate relationships before taking over leadership of the rebellion, there have been none since. This is due to the security risk as any partner or child would become a target. For the same reason he rarely takes casual partners. Instead he has a number of ‘friends with benefits’, of which there are currently three.

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