Will Scarlett

Will Scarlett

Photo by Daniel D. Moses

Name: Will Scarlett
Gender: Male
Born: 16 January YE 858 (25)
Mother: Lily Scarlett
Father: Hugh Scarlett
Family: Kate Scarlett (twin sister), Alana Dale (adopted sister)
Resides in: Nottingham, East Mercia

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Will Scarlett, b. 16th January YE 858, is a thief and troublemaker living in Nottingham’s Outer Circle. Charming and charismatic, he is a natural leader and outspoken critic of the starvation and lack of resources under King John II‘s cruel regime.

However, he has been keeping a low profile over the past year after a drunken attempt to assassinate the king resulted in the death of Queen Isobel. 

Early Life

Will is a twin born in the Marcdom of Holderness, in the north of East Mercia, nine minutes after his sister Kate. His mother, Lily, was an educator; his father, Hugh (nee Cavendish), was an engineer, and the family enjoyed a comfortable life in the coastal town of Helmsley. 

As a child, Will was a champion competitive swimmer, but had to drop out after his father was killed in an industrial accident in YE 868. Lily was forced to take on multiple jobs to support her young children and, although only aged ten, Will also began working, taking a job as a farm hand after school and on weekends to help out. 

In YE 871, Lily was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Being the main source of income for the family, she continued to work which likely accelerated her illness. In YE 873, she adopted seven year old Alana Dale, the Hycathic daughter of her friend Rebecca, after she died in an accident. Having an extra child to look after was an added strain on her health – not that she’d ever admit it. Although Will was stealing medication to supplement state provisions, after King John cut access to free healthcare for incurable patients in YE 878 it was not enough and Lily died of suffocation on 23rd February YE 879, four days before her 43rd birthday. 

Outraged at the injustice around his father’s death and mother’s illness, Will became involved with activist groups, going on regular protests and getting into fights with the state guards. It was while on one of these protests that Lily died. She had begged Will to stop the activism and stealing, terrified he would get into trouble, and the fact he was not with her when she died still haunts him.


Will was working full time from the age of 14. In YE 875 he took up an engineering apprenticeship, but his activism and volatile behaviour affected his work and by early YE 877 he lost this. Now the main source of income for the family, stealing was his only option. He became the ringleader of a gang targeting wealthy households and farms outside Helmsley, which grew in notoriety, feared for the violence of their attacks.

However, Will’s criminality caused problems for his ambitious twin sister, Kate and, after Lily died, she left without a word. Guessing she’d go to Nottingham Will and Alana followed, leaving Helmsley on 17th March YE 879. Without money to pay for transport, they walked most of the way.

Life In Nottingham

Will and Alana arrived in Nottingham on 25th March YE 879. They took lodgings near the coast in the Outer Circle and Will found work as a labourer. Although he tried to track Kate down, so far he has had no luck. 

Outrage at conditions in the Outer Circle quickly drew Will back into activism and crime. Once again, this affected his work and once again stealing became his main income. He freelanced with organised gangs, raiding regime storage units, disrupting Inner Circle supply lines, taking from the rich and giving to the poor, relishing causing trouble for the regime.

Then, still angry at his family’s suffering and blaming King John for his mother’s death, on Warriors’ Day YE 882 Will threw a lit fire-bottle at the king. He missed and it hit Queen Isobel instead, killing her.  

The hunt for what the media called The Queenkiller was relentless. However, surveillance was not clear enough to identify Will and he went into hiding, ceasing his criminal activity. For the past year he has been keeping his head down, working as a handyman.

Although Will is no stranger to violence, he had never killed someone before that day and it haunts him. He also feels immense guilt, especially after the arrest and execution of the innocent Arnold Prescott as the Queenkiller on the anniversary of Queen Isobel’s death.

Personal Life

Will is extremely protective of Alana and devastated at losing Kate, although he has begun to accept that he may never find her. He has no other living family.

He has a found family among the Outer Circle community and has formed a tight knit group of people he trusts.

In the past, Will has had a number of significant intimate relationships with people of all genders. However, he is not in a relationship at present. He is an outrageous flirt, but rarely takes casual partners. Trust is important to him so he prefers instead to have ‘friends with benefits’, of which there are currently three. 

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