The Change

The Change

YE 755 – YE 827

Great Torrent (YE 781)
Long Famine (YE 782-827)

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The Change follows the Age of Equality and depicts the time between YE 755 and the mid-820s YE where drastic climate change reshaped the face of the Earth. This era, during which the Great Torrent and the Long Famine occurred, had a significant impact on everyday life, instigating a chain of events that reshaped countries and societies to their very core.

Historical Impact

From YE 752 to YE 755 the Second Hycath War took place in Europe. The two Swedish Blomgren sisters Ragna and Ylva – famous for their Nyridia powers and their hatred of humans – decided to seek world dominance with the help of their Cyntha sister, Ingeborg. On their quest, they destroyed everything and everyone in their way. They believed that Hycathae were superior to humans and should rule over the world while enslaving them.

The Anglia Isle and Europe formed an alliance to stop the power-hungry sisters and bring peace back to the lands. Humans and Hycathae fought side by side, and eventually, they managed to capture the powerful Blomgren sisters. As punishment, they received a Reckoning. This event marked the creation of the three infamous Phoenix Stones. With this, the bloody war finally came to an end.

Unfortunately, the lands had been extensively damaged in the process and the climate radically affected. Many believed that this was triggered by the magic both sides had used during the war. Humans looked for someone to blame, which caused them to grow slowly hateful of the Hycathae once again, ignoring their contribution in overthrowing the Blomgren sisters. A safe haven was created in the city of Al-Murooj, where Hycath culture, religion, and its followers were safe. It later became known as The Promised Land, because it gave refuge for all those who couldn’t live in their homes any more.

Changing Climate

After the Second Hycath War, the general temperature started to increase exponentially, which contributed to rising sea levels and caused lands to grow barren. Extreme weather conditions became more and more frequent, and in most parts of the world it became increasingly difficult to plant or harvest anything.

The Great Torrent

See main article: Great Torrent

The increase in temperature and the rise in sea levels contributed to the most extensive flooding in history: the flooding of YE 781, often referred to as the Great Torrent. Vast parts of Europe and the Anglia Isle were permanently flooded, forcing the population to leave their homes and migrate to the still existing larger cities. East Mercia was one of the worst affected areas on the Anglia Isle, wherein total the landmass was reduced by approximately twenty-five per cent.

The Long Famine

See main article: Long Famine

As food supplies began to shrink, countries struggled to keep up with the problems caused by this new enemy that proved to be the most dangerous of all: famine.

The year YE 782 marked the beginning of the Long Famine, which would last until the mid-820s YE. The sea had swallowed up several agricultural estates and caused considerable damage to the remaining ones. Aside from that, the changing temperatures – ranging from searing hot summers to freezing winters – made agriculture in certain regions near impossible. Millions of people died of starvation, which drastically reduced the world’s population.

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