Projects Overview

The World of HOOD is an expansive, transmedia world spanning audio, visual, and written fiction. Check out the introductions to our different projects below and follow the links to their landing pages for more info. You can also find a full list of credits here. 

The Core Project – HOOD TV Series

Nottingham’s golden girl returns from war bearing the enhanced seeds that could save her famine-stricken homeland. Thwarted by a cruel regime and tormented by guilt, she’ll do anything to save her people, even risk unleashing an entity that could destroy them all. READ MORE

We’ve created a series of seven “character idents” to introduce the world to the main characters in the future television show. Check out the videos and don’t forget to stop by the wiki to read their bios if you want to dive even deeper into Robyn of Loxley, her sister the Sheriff of Nottingham, more!

WATCH MORE. You can also check out the overview of the HOOD show.

New Releases

Nottingham News

Welcome to East Mercia’s #1 news program, bringing you highlights of the week’s top stories from the parallel Nottingham in the World of HOOD. With your host, Lenka DeVor, get the skinny on the latest scandals, updates on the attacks by the terrorist Will Scarlett, news about how the Inner and Outer Circles live, and more! WATCH MORE

Outlaw Radio

The “official story” is far from the whole truth, so Will Scarlett and fellow rebel Bucky will also be adding counterpoints and sharing what life is like in the Outer Circle. LISTEN MORE

Clash of the Cousins

This six-part historical podcast created and presented by Dr. Annette Lynton is the inaugural series on her Strands of Time podcast channel. Dr. Lynton examines the events which ushered in the First Age of Hycath, pivoting off the English succession crisis of the 1130s which led to the titular clash between Empress Matilda, a Hycatha and the rightful heir, and her cousin, Stephen of Blois, who usurped her. LISTEN MORE

Coming Soon


HOOD: The Return of Robyn

We’ve also got a series of novels coming your way! Five members of the Quivalon team have been hard at work creating this epic tale, which will serve as the basis for the first season of the HOOD TV series. FIND OUT MORE

HOOD Origins:
Escape from the Promised Land

This 8-part audio drama will chronicle the epic journey Robyn and Ewan take from Africa to the Anglia Isle across climate change-ravaged Europe. They are dogged by bandits, Hycathic assassins, and Robyn’s own dark past every step of the way… COMING 2023 

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