The Second Hycath War

The Second Hycath War

YE 752 – YE 755

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The Second Hycath War was a series of armed conflicts from YE 752 to YE 755 between the allies of the infamous Hycatha Blomgren sisters and the rest of Europe’s population.

The Blomgren Family

Einar Blomgren was a powerful man with a tyrannical personality. He was born in Sweden in the late 7th century YE, and had made it his mission to create an army existing solely of Hycathae. He intended to achieve this by fathering as many children as possible from Hycatha women and training them as soldiers, loyal only to him. He planned to take over Europe and possibly the entire world, creating one enormous empire under his regime. 

His plan quickly backfired when his three most influential daughters, Ragna, Ylva and Ingeborg, turned against him. Working with some of their other sisters, they killed Einar and the other sisters who protected him. In addition, they took control of the throne as well as their father’s plan, but with a slight adjustment. The sisters continued to seek world domination, now for themselves, and at the same time they intended to eradicate humans, as they had always despised them and now had the means to remove them. They declared war against Europe, instigating bloodshed and chaos.


The War

The war lasted for three years, from YE 752 to YE 755 , claiming many human and Hycatha lives. The strong Nyridia and Cyntha sisters could not be stopped by any weapon, and they seemed overall unstoppable for the first two and a half years. Eventually, this began to change as more and more Hycathae joined the fight against the sisters, including the last Nyridia who wasn’t part of the Blomgren line but belonged to the Egyptian line. Through this joint effort, the Blomgren sisters were finally defeated.


The war ended in YE 755 with the capture of Ragna, Ylva and Ingeborg. The sisters were tried before the Oculus, and they were all sentenced to Reckoning. As Ragna, Ylva and Ingeborg were so powerful, their Reckoning Holds became the most fascinating and widely-discussed objects in Hycath history. The Tricapita Reckoned them into three different stones, which became known as the Phoenix Stones. Ragna’s Red Stone is rumoured to kill people. Ingeborg’s Blue Stone resurrects and Ylva’s Green Stone can help the resurrected sustain life. Aside from sustaining human life the Green Stone can also be used to fertilise land. To this day, these stones are considered to be extremely dangerous, and they are locked up safely within the walls of Al-Murooj.

Unfortunately, the end of the Second Hycath War didn’t bring along the kind of peace the population was expecting. After seeing the destruction the Blomgren sisters had caused, many humans grew fearful of the remaining Hycathae, even though they had fought on the same side. The situation became so dire that many Hycathae had to flee their homes in order to escape the fear and hatred projected upon them. Some of these Hycathae fled to the South and established a safe haven protected by the Phoenix Stones, which they named the city of Al-Murooj, meaning ‘the meadows’. Later, this place also became known as the Promised Land

The Hycathae in East Mercia were forced to register themselves in a new system designed to keep records, in order to prevent a similar event from happening again. The war also resulted in a considerable decline of Hycathae numbers, bringing them drastically close to extinction. This is part of why Hycathae are so rare in the Anglia Isle in this day and age and why they are no longer as influential as before.

Although it was never scientifically proven to be true, many blame The Change, including the Great Torrent and the Long Famine on the Second Hycath War and the Hycathae. It is widely believed that the amount of destruction and magic that took place during the war could have affected the natural balance of the Earth, resulting in the drastic climate change that followed in the late 8th century. As the temperature increased, sea levels rose, resulting in extensive worldwide floods and food shortages, which killed more people than the war itself. 

The story of the Blomgren sisters remained a cautionary tale about the abuse of Hycath power, still remembered within the community today.

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