Baethla (s), Baethlae (pl)

Notable Baethlae:
Alice Eymor (1107 – 1141/YE 1)
Melanie Howe (YE 850 – )

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The Baethlae are the most vulnerable and the least powerful tier of Hycathae.


It is commonly known that the first daughter of a Hycatha inherits her mother’s power, and subsequent daughters only inherit lower ones. A Cyntha mother’s first child will be a Cyntha too, but any daughters who come after will only be Baethlae. Therefore Baethlae are the most widespread tier of the Hycathae. The first-born child of a Baethla will inherit her mother’s Baethla powers, but any subsequent daughters or sons will be powerless.

It is essential for young Hycathae of any tier to practice their magic since it is the only way to develop their skills. A very experienced and well-practised Baethla has indeed, on occasion, could prove more powerful than an untrained Cyntha. 


See also: Hycathic Powers

Similar to Cynthae and Nyridiae, the powers of Baethlae are nature-based. They are capable of manipulating atoms but lack the raw capacity of the more powerful tiers. This means they might be able to perform telekinesis, pyrokinesis, self-healing, or shape-shifting, but they can only do so on a much smaller scale and for a much reduced time period. 

A Baethla’s power drains more rapidly and requires a longer time to recharge before the magic can be repeated, and their power is limited only to physical contact. In the case of shape-shifting, blood is also required in order to map the DNA and emulate the image of the person being impersonated. 

Notable Baethlae

  • Meredith Eymor (1056 – 1141/YE 1), mother to Alice Eymor
  • Alice Eymor (1107 – 1141/YE 1), 1st Margrave of West Mercia
  • Mered Eymor (1124 – 1183/YE 43), 2nd Margrave of West Mercia, Alice’s daughter
  • Some of the Blomgren Sisters (YE 755)
  • Melanie Howe (YE 850 – )
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