Nyridia (s), Nyridiae (pl)

Notable Nyridiae:
Guinevere (482 – 518)
Waldedrudis (680 – 703)
Lucy of Bolingbroke (1074 – 1141/YE 43)
Ragna Blomgren (YE 718 – 755)
Ylva Blomgren (YE 718 – 755)

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Nyridiae are the most powerful tier of Hycathae. Compared to Baethlae and Cynthae, Nyridiae are disproportionately more powerful. The other two categories are limited to using their power through skin-to-skin contact, but a Nyridia can use their powers from a distance.


The current scientific consensus as to the origin of Hycathic magic is that they emerged through a genetic mutation. Others favour the origin story as stated in the Hycath Mythos, in which eight Nyridiae emerged from the Underworld, all possessing Hecate’s unlimited powers, apart from her ability to see through time. 

These Nyridia lines became known by the eight different areas they settled in: Aktau, Anatolia, Egypt, Germania, Greece, Iberia, Russia, Scandinavia. 

As these Nyridiae had offspring, their firstborn daughters would receive her mother’s full Nyridia powers and the child that would follow possessed the magic of the lesser tier of Cynthae. 

Throughout the centuries, all Nyridia lines would perish by Reckoning; a punishment for commiting a horrendous crime. Historic research indicates that the first reckoning took place in 2693 BC and the last two surviving lines were reckoned at the close of the Second Hycath War in 1895 AD and their Holds became known as the Phoenix Stones.


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The abilities that Nyridiae possess have their origins in nature; they have a deep, almost intuitive understanding of atoms and how to manipulate them. Among many other things, they can use telekinesis, manipulate nature, shapeshift and heal themselves. Just like all other Hycathae, Nyridiae cannot use their powers unlimitedly; their physical energy is needed to use their powers and perform magic, and extensive use drains their body of its energy.

The difference between Nyridiae and other Hycathae is their ability to use these powers at a distance and for much longer periods of time before their energy runs out.

Notable Nyridiae

  • Anastasia (? – 2693 BC), the last of the Russian line, reckoned in 2693 BC
  • Guinevere (482 – 518), the last of the Greek line, willingly reckoned in 518
  • Waldedrudis (680 – 703), the last of the Germanic line, reckoned in 703
  • Elmira of Aktau (1103 – 1189/YE 49), Octal of the Hycathic city of Aktau from 1129 until YE 17 and ally of Empress Matilda in the First Hycath War
  • Tanoute of Damanhur (1107 – 1183/YE 43), Ally of Empress Matilda in the First Hycath War
  • Lucy of Bolingbroke (1074 – 1141/YE 1), the last of the Scandinavian line, reckoned in 1141/YE 1
  • Aizere of Aktau (YE 374 – 393), the last of the Aktau line, reckoned in YE 393 
  • Ragna Blomgren (YE 718 – 755), the last of the Iberian line, reckoned in YE 755 
  • Ylva Blomgren (YE 718 – 755), the last of the Anatolian line, reckoned in YE 755 
  • Zahra of Damanhur (YE 724 – 755), the last of the Egyptian line, willingly reckoned in YE 755
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