Join the Quivalon team on an epic journey into the alternate history, captivating characters, and unique magic behind the HOOD TV series we are developing.

Want to show your support? We’re currently raising funds for a short proof-of-concept film to help us take the next steps toward creating the series. We have tons of fun rewards to offer to people who make a pledge before Nov 30.  

HOOD is inspired by the well-known legend of Robin Hood, set in a modern parallel world where England is a collection of city-states, architecture and technology mimic our own, magic exists – and Robyn Loxley is the female heroine.

Climate change has already ravaged the world of HOOD, resulting in food and water shortages. Returning after seven years at war, trying to secure a solution to the problem, Robyn finds a city divided under a cruel leader – aided by her own sister, Philippa Murdoch, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The world of HOOD has grown into an elaborate universe, birthing all kinds of different projects across multiple media. This is a story with infinite possibilities – so far, we are working on a novelisation of the story, a podcast looking at the history, a Wikipedia-style website and finally, a TV series. And we want to take YOU along on the journey with us!

 Want to know more about who does what in the World of HOOD? Check out our credits list with names and roles for everyone who’s worked on our projects!

Happy Hecate's Day from the Anglia Isle
8 August 2022

For most people, 7 is considered a lucky number. But in the World of HOOD, you can’t get better than 8. This is why the eighth day of the eighth month is a very special day in the Hycathic cal...

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