Author: Alison Weaverdyck

Alison Weaverdyck
21 June 2022
Happy Litha - The Hycathic Day of Giving
21 June 2022

Like many Hycathic holidays, Litha is tied to a solstice. In the early days of Hycathism, acolytes of Hecate would enjoy the longest day of the year by getting to the temple in time to watch...

Champion's Week is Underway
9 May 2022

It’s here! The moment East Mercians look forward to every year… The Championships! Held annually in Nottingham, East Mercia during the second week of May, the Championships are a...

Alison Weaverdyck
6 April 2022
Warriors' Day 2022
6 April 2022

In our Nottingham, April 6 is a day of remembrance for the brave soldiers who lost their lives during the Promised Land campaign. King John instituted this holiday as one of his first acts...

Alison Weaverdyck
30 March 2022
What's New in 2022?
30 March 2022

The character introduction videos and Clash of the Cousins podcast were just the beginning! The Quivalon team has lots of exciting things in the works for this year. Nottingham News videos...

Alison Weaverdyck
21 March 2022
Have a Joyful Ostara!
21 March 2022

Held on the Spring Equinox – when light and dark are of equal lengths – and taking its roots from pagan worship of Eostre, the goddess of spring, Ostara began as a way to welcome in the...

Reckoning Day
14 February 2022

This day in the Hycathic calendar marks the date of the Reckoning of 703. “Reckoning” is a form of punishment for Hycathae who break the central tenets of Hycathism. The essence of the...

It's Lottery Day in Nottingham
29 December 2021

Nottingham's lottery started in 1984 and has become an institution among its citizens. At the beginning, the lottery wasn't intended to be an annual event. Instead, it was part of an...

Wishing You a Happy Yule
21 December 2021

Yule is a time for followers of Hecate to gather with loved ones and ward off the dark of the shortest day of the year with a celebration. Rites are observed in the Temple at sunrise and...

Happy Gaia's Day!
26 October 2021

This holiday is the Anglia Isle's equivalent of Earth Day. The name doesn't come only from the ancient Greek titan. The date was chosen to commemorate the birth of Gaia Abernathy, a...

It's Harvest Day in East Mercia
21 September 2021

A day to thank Hecate for a good harvest and celebrating the spoils from the fields. For followers of Hycathism, this would traditionally be a time for all farmers to donate a portion of...

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