Artwork by Leah Becker

In the World of HOOD, “Hycathae” is the term for any woman who has powers. But every magic system needs limitations, so we created tiers that dictate the extent of abilities any individual could master. Not every member of every tier will have the same aptitudes or interests, so this can also influence their particular set of skills.

Hycathae also require years of study and practice to reach their full potential, no matter the tier. One notable Hycatha in our story is Alana Dale, but she has been raised without a teacher and has had to learn what she could on her own. Just imagine what she’ll be able to  someday with the right instruction…

Find out more about Hycathae

Hycathae are certain women who possess unique magical powers, originally believed to have been inherited from the goddess Hecate. Recent studies have discovered that these powers most likely arose due to a genetic mutation that has been passed down from mothers to daughters since 3500 BC. Hycathae are divided into three tiers: BaethlaeCynthae and Nyridiae. Each tier has different strengths and abilities with Nyridiae being the most powerful. Hycathic communities adhere to the religion of Hycathism, and their followers and/or believers are known as either Hycathae (women with Hycath powers) or Hycathi (followers of all genders without Hycathic magic).

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