In the Robin Hood ballads, “greenwood” was the place within Sherwood Forest where he and his merry men made camp. Our Greenwood is also home to a band of the Sheriff’s least wanted, but it’s a completely different kind of settlement. 

The rebellion, led by Will Scarlett, has only recently settled in this abandoned factory complex. They have to stay mobile in order to stay out of the clutches of the eye, moving from village to abandoned warehouse to barn – anywhere they can lay low and make their plans. Along with his protege, Bucky, Will and the rebels also have a pirate broadcast station called Outlaw Radio where they rebut the misinformation on Nottingham News. 

But as you’ll see in the TV series, they also have to share their space with other disenfranchised members of East Mercia’s society.

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Greenwood is an inclusive refuge for anyone who wants to disappear. Residents invariably have their chip removed to become invisible to the city’s system and, more importantly, the City Guards’ tracking radar. Some of Greenwood’s occupants are not outlaws, they are families who simply have no other place to go but the State does not discriminate between them. 

Not being a part of the system means people have to provide food for themselves while learning to survive in this harsh environment. Wherever possible, crops are grown on the site, but yield declines year by year. Scarlett’s people also raid for food from the city’s resources and receive irregular deliveries from the Loxley Estate through Nick Little. Many Greenwood residents have developed skills in hunting and scavenging to survive.  

Greenwood is an excellent site for the Rebellion due to its remoteness and inbuilt security of high walls, fences and gates. There are few routes into the site, due to flooding, which increases its physical security, both from the State and other bandits or scavengers. 

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Greenwood is home to Will Scarlett and the other rebels fighting the Sheriff of Nottingham in our reimagined Robin Hood tale. But it's no forest...

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