As in the real world, terminology in the World of HOOD may change depending on who’s telling the story. The Second Hycath War ended what many would call “The Age of Equality” where inheritance moved away from exclusively matrilineal to equality between the sexes. But for many – including the Hycathae who participated in the war – they’d call that same time period The Age of Greed. 

The timeline in our story is not just influenced by who won or lost real conflicts in history, but also by the presence of magic and the ways scientists strived to understand the basis of the Hycathic powers. This meant that even though YE 755 is technically the same year as 1895 in the real world, it was a very different world in terms of technological advancements and culture. In rough terms, the situation in YE 755 was much like we are today, with climate change a looming threat, and governments and corporations being unwilling to do what was needed to combat it. (Ergo, “The Age of Greed”)

But to the victors go the spoils (and the history books), so even though most of the Hycathae who fought in this war were on the side of preserving the planet, the in-world historians tend to treat them like power-hungry madwomen. And over time, this has also sometimes become twisted into a belief that it was the Hycathae themselves who caused the series of climate catastrophes that followed.

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The Blomgren Family

Einar Blomgren was a powerful man with a tyrannical personality. He was born in Sweden in the late 7th century YE, and had made it his mission to create an army existing solely of Hycathae. He intended to achieve this by fathering as many children as possible from Hycatha women and training them as soldiers, loyal only to him. He planned to take over Europe and possibly the entire world, creating one enormous empire under his regime. 

His plan quickly backfired when his three most influential daughters, RagnaYlva and Ingeborg, turned against him. Working with some of their other sisters, they killed Einar and the other sisters who protected him. In addition, they took control of the throne as well as their father’s plan, but with a slight adjustment. The sisters continued to seek world domination, now for themselves, and at the same time they intended to eradicate humans, as they had always despised them and now had the means to remove them. They declared war against Europe, instigating bloodshed and chaos.

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