In the World of HOOD, our magic users and their powers are tied directly to scientific principles. One of which is the conservation of mass (and so by extension, energy). That means that magic never really disappears, but it can be transferred into an object and then used by a non-Hycatha or to augment the power of a Hycatha. But it doesn’t come without its dangers…

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Hycath Relics are objects containing the magic of a Hycatha who has died without issue. When a Relic is wielded, it grants its user the ability to channel the power contained within it.

A Hycath Relic can be any physical object located near the Hycatha at the time of their death, which will encase and store their magic. Though the process is generally held to be irreversible, some have speculated that blood relatives of the deceased might be able to retrieve this magic too. However, there is no evidence of this ever being successful. 

If the dying Hycatha is a Baethla, her Relic will contain Baethla magic, and so on. As a result, Hycathae will only be interested in using Relics containing magic that is a level or two above theirs. 

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