Stephen of Blois is one of the historical figures that we “remixed” to create the alternate history in the World of HOOD. After the White Ship Disaster, he and his cousin Empress Matilda fought a long and bloody war for the English throne. In real life and in our story, Stephen was supposed to be on the ill-fated White Ship, but disembarked just before it left port. Though there are different theories, one of the most prominent ones is that he had terrible diarrhoea and was unfit for travel. Just think, that next run to the loo might save your life…

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Stephen of Blois was King of England from 1135 until his death in 1141. Stephen was also Count of Boulogne from 1125 and nephew of King Henry I of England. He claimed the throne in 1135 in place of his cousin and King Henry’s named heir, Empress Matilda “Maud” Beauclerc, the first act in the First Hycath War.

Despite a reportedly chivalrous character, Stephen’s ties to the Church, whose support ensured his coronation, has led to his inextricable association with Church oppression of Hycathism in Europe. He is often referred to in Hycathic histories as the Usurper for his disrespect of Maud’s royal claim.

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