Though we’ve reimagined centuries of history to build the World of HOOD, we had to start somewhere. So our intrepid worldbuilders looked for an event in real history that would have a huge impact on how the history of the Anglia Isle unfolded if we added Hycathism into the mix. 

As in our Clash of the Cousins podcast, Matilda “Maud” Beauclerc really did have to face off against her male cousin for control of the English throne. But with magic and other Hycathae  on her side, the Maud of our story world was triumphant, ushering in the First Age of Hycath.

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Matilda Beauclerc (7 February 1102 – 10 September YE 27), often referred to as Empress Matilda or Maud, was a Cyntha who inaugurated the First Age of Hycath in England and became its first Empress. In doing so, she transformed the country from a Church-controlled patriarchy into a Hycathic matriarchy, restructured it into the first marcdoms and founded the calendar system that is named after her – YE (Year of Our Empress).

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