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There are many Hycathic practices in the World of HOOD, but the most severe and powerful is called a “reckoning.” This ritual stripping of a Hycatha’s power and imprisonment of the soul has not been performed in recent times, but the last event had huge implications for our story world. 

At the end of the Second Hycath War, the Blomgren sisters were reckoned and their souls imprisoned in The Phoenix Stones. The red stone contains Ragna, and it currently resides in the grip of a sword and is wielded by the terrifying entity – The Red Phoenix. In our upcoming audio drama HOOD Origins: Escape from the Promised Land, Robyn Loxley flees the Hycathic stronghold in Africa and takes the sword. But where the sword goes, so does Ragna…

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The Ritual

If a Hycatha has harmed or killed a human being with magic, she is tried by the Hycath council, the Oculus. If the Octal (head of the council) deems it fit, she can sentence the Hycatha to be Reckoned.

A Reckoning is ordained by the Oculus and led by the Tricapita, members of the secret Order of Hecate and the only ones with the knowledge to perform a Reckoning. To summon the Tricapita, the Octal puts in a request with the Order through a public announcement. The Order selects three of its members; they are notified by receipt of a ceremonial mask and robe. Once summoned, the members cannot refuse the call. 

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