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If you had any magical ability, what would you want to be able to do? The Hycathae (magic users) in the World of HOOD, have some pretty cool powers, but they can’t do it all. 

Within our magic system, we felt it was important to have a coherent principle underpinning the different abilities to keep away from someone being able to solve every problem with a “spell.” Instead, Hycathae are specifically limited by how atoms naturally behave. For instance, they can manipulate fire because they are able to excite the atoms of an object and make it combust. But they aren’t going around chucking fire balls at their enemies.  

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The remarkable powers of the Hycathae have been widely discussed among scientists and theologians for centuries. Depending on which tier a Hycatha belongs to, her powers can differ in strength and nature. Hycathae can be divided into three tiers, each of which belongs to Hycathae with different levels of power, going from Baethlae, to Cynthae, to Nyridiae.

Whilst these powers are rooted in nature and science, all Hycathae must participate in education and training from a young age to perfect their craft. With the proper discipline and guidance, these women can reach the full potential of their abilities. Without training, their powers might remain dormant.

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