Both in real life and within the World of HOOD, Lucy of Bolingbroke was quite the character! In the story world, she was a central figure in the First Hycath War and was a close (if sometimes uneasy) ally of Empress Matilda

One fun historical fact that we couldn’t quite fit into the Clash of the Cousins was her relation to another notable woman of history – Lady Godiva. Legend says that she rode naked through the streets of Coventry to protest her husband’s harsh taxation practices. And like her ancestor, Lucy of Bolingbroke was no pushover!

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First Hycath War

Lucy was one of the few nobles who heavily opposed the reign of Stephen of Blois and decided to support Empress Matilda (Maud) Beauclerc in her quest of recovering the throne of England. Alice Eymor, who was also dedicated to Maud’s quest, visited Lucy in Lincoln during her recruitment mission across England. At this point, Lucy had doubts about Maud’s capabilities, feeling that Maud, who was consolidating territory in France, needed to finish her business there faster and deal with the greater threat of King Stephen back home. However, seeing Alice’s devotion and confidence, she agreed to help and sent two Hycathae to escort Alice and aid her on her quest.

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