This holiday is the Anglia Isle’s equivalent of Earth Day. The name doesn’t come only from the ancient Greek titan. The date was chosen to commemorate the birth of Gaia Abernathy, a 19th-century scientist. Her breakthroughs in the de-salinization of seawater revolutionized agricultural practices. Abernathy’s work saved thousands of people in the wake of rising sea levels in the 20th century.

Citizens are encouraged to make earth-friendly choices today. This could mean spending an extra hour at the fitness center generating clean electricity. People are also encouraged to bike to work and avoid using electronics. School kids often plant acorns and other tree seeds today to promote clean air.

Over time, it has become an unofficial day to stock up on candles to prepare for Crosaire in November and the long, dark winter ahead. Chandlers work tirelessly during the month leading up to Gaia’s Day to keep up with demand. It is common to see elaborate window displays to entice shoppers in the week leading up to the holiday. The displays remain in place until Yule.

Since the inception of Gaia’s Day in 1962, there has been an art competition in Nottingham. Local artists create works that use only recycled materials. The pieces are judged in five different categories, such as “moments from history” and “kinetic sculpture” that features moving parts. The winning pieces in each category are installed at the Royal Academy of Art for one year, and the artists receive a cash prize.

So raise a (non-disposable) cup to Mother Earth today and take a moment to reflect on how your choices affect the environment.