Lucy of Bolingbroke

Lucy of Bolingbroke

23 May 1074 – Reckoned in 1141

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Lucy of Bolingbroke, Countess of Chester, was a controversial individual in Hycath history. She was known to be one of the most powerful Nyridiae of her time, but her methods were often questionable.

Early Life

Lucy was born into an Anglo-Norman family as the daughter of Thorold, sheriff of Lincoln and Lucy Malet. Her mother suffered from poor health and passed away when Lucy was in her teens. Lucy was a single child and she spent most of her time at Lincoln Castle where she received a first-class education and learned to speak several languages fluently.

Meeting Alice Eymor

Lucy was one of the few nobles who heavily opposed King Stephen’s regime and decided to support Empress Matilda (Maud) of Anjou in her quest of recovering the throne. Alice Eymor, who was also dedicated to Maud’s quest, visited Lucy in Lincoln during her recruitment mission across England. At this point, Lucy had doubts about Maud’s capabilities. This was partly because Maud was still in France at this point, while King Stephen’s power continued to grow. Lucy felt Maud needed to finish her business in France faster and deal with the greater threat of King Stephen. Lucy expressed her concerns about Stephen’s growing army, believing that Maud was taking too long to reach England. However, seeing Alice’s devotion and confidence, she agreed to help and sent two Hycathae to escort Alice and aid her on her quest.

Some time after, Lucy received the news of Alice being captured and held for questioning in Cambridge for setting fire to some of Stephen’s fields. She travelled to Cambridge and destroyed the entire castle holding the prison cell with her Nyridia powers. Some historians believe that Lucy informed Alice about Maud’s arrival in England at this point, but this has never officially been confirmed.

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