Alana Dale

Alana Dale

Photo by Daniel D. Moses

Name: Alana Dale
Gender: Female
Born: 2 November YE 865 (17)
Mother: Rebecca Dale, Lily Scarlett (adoptive)
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Will Scarlett (adopted), Kate Scarlett (adopted)
Resides in: Nottingham, East Mercia

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2021 – Tani Toluwa, promo reel

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Alana Dale (2 November YE 865) is an unregistered Hycatha.

Adopted into the Scarlett family at the age of seven, she is Kate and Will Scarlett‘s sister. She lives with her brother in the Nottingham’s Outer Circle.

Early Life

Alana is not entirely sure where she was born, but until the age of seven she lived with her mother, Rebecca Dale, in the woods outside Helmsley in Holderness in the north of East Mercia. She was taught from a young age that she should not reveal her Hycathic status to anyone and keeps it secret to this day, except around trusted people. She has never questioned the reason for this. When Rebecca was killed in an accident in YE 873, Alana was taken in by her mother’s friend, Lily Scarlett. Lily already had two children, twins Will and Kate who were eight years older. However, they soon bonded with their adopted younger sister and Alana settled easily into the family. 

Alana loved to learn and applied herself studiously to her schoolwork. As she no longer had anyone to help her practice her Hycathic powers she began to teach herself, though still in secret. As Lily was working multiple jobs to support the family, Alana spent most of her time with her brother Will and he would often help her practice. They would use Alana’s old home in the woods as a safe place where Alana would not be discovered.

When King John II took the throne in YE 878 he decreed that all Hycathae should be registered with the Hycath Salvation Programme. By this time, Lily was extremely ill with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, but she was insistent that Alana should not be registered according to her mother, Rebecca’s, wishes. Will respected that and Alana remains unregistered. Lily did not pass on the reason, if she ever knew it. When Lily died in February YE 879, Alana’s sister Kate left without a word and Alana moved to Nottingham with Will in search of her.

In Nottingham

Alana lives with Will in a small flat a few miles from the coast on the eastern side of Nottingham’s Outer Circle. 

She still loves to learn and spends a lot of time practising her Hycathic powers. She also contributes to the community by going on scavenging trips with other Outer Circle residents.

Personal Life

Alana was close to her adoptive mother Lily and shared a strong bond with her siblings. She still has a good relationship with Will and loves him very much, but she is often frustrated by his over-protectiveness. She thinks he doesn’t trust her and treats her like a child.

She is well-known and liked among the community and has found a good friend in Brian Buckland, known as Bucky. He’s two years older and a surrogate big brother. Bucky knows Alana is a Hycatha and she knows her secret is safe with him. He often helps Alana practice and is a little jealous of her abilities.

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