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Within the Hycathic hierarchy, there exists a clandestine order of acolytes – the Order of Hecate – who are trained to perform the ritual of the Reckoning. When an Oculus sentences a Hycatha to this fate, the order will summon three of its members who will act as the Tricapita and fulfill the ritual. The identities of the members of a Tricapita remain secret, even to each other. Very few people know the exact number of Hycathae able to perform the ritual, or their identities.

To summon the Tricapita, the octal puts in a request with the Order through a public announcement. The Order selects three of its members; they are notified by receipt of a ceremonial mask and robe. Even the couriers are not informed of what they carry. Once summoned, the members cannot refuse the call. To do so would result in expulsion from the Order.

The Tricapita travel separately to the location and perform the ritual wearing the ceremonial robes and masks to conceal their identities. They do not communicate directly with each other and they leave immediately after the ceremony. The Tricapita is regarded with reverence and a degree of fear due to their secrecy, power and the mystery surrounding reckonings.

Though there has not been a reckoning for almost two hundred years and many records pertaining to previous rituals were lost during the floods of The Great Torrent, the Order of Hecate presumably still exists and remains ready to be called, should the occasion arise.

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