The Reckoning of AD 703

The Reckoning of AD 703

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The Reckoning of AD 703 was one of the most famous mass Reckonings in Hycathic history. This event served as an example for many centuries, reminding Hycathae of the consequences of misusing magic. It also served as a cautionary tale for children in the Hycathic community, used to teach them the importance of obeying rules.

Changes in Europe

With the Catholic Church beginning to gain popularity and spreading across Europe in the early AD 700s, many other religions were overpowered or squeezed out of society. With the status of Catholicism growing, more churches and cathedrals were built and the Catholic Church got more involved in everyday life and politics. Catholics became increasingly hostile towards other religions, constantly attacking “false gods” and their followers. They spoke out openly against the Temple of Hycath and deemed its followers pagans, which led to many conflicts. In Germany, a group of Hycathae decided to take a stand against the Catholic Church.


This protest against the Catholic Church did not last long. Some Hycathae were more radical than others, which led to confusion and uncertainty. The rebellion’s leader, Waldedrudis, was convinced that extinguishing the Church entirely was the only option, but others were hesitant about going that far. Rumours stated that the rebellion started attacking and killing Catholic priests in their homes in AD 702. This placed them on the Oculus radar.

Although some members of the rebellion were powerful Nyridiae and Cynthae, eventually, the lack of organisation and blind arrogance within the rebellion led to failure. The following year, all the members were captured and trialled. Some of these Hycathae were just young Baethlae who had naively joined in out of boredom. Despite this, they still received the same Reckoning sentence as the rest of the rebellion. This was done in order to set an example for Hycathae worldwide and warn them of the severe consequences of their actions. For centuries, this event remained a cautionary tale in the Hycathic community. This changed after the Second Hycath War, which presented an even larger abuse of Hycathic powers, with even more adverse consequences for the Hycathae involved and the rest of the world alike.

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