Location: Nottingham, East Mercia
Previously: Industrial area
In use: Rebel Headquarters

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Greenwood is a peninsula situated on the outskirts of Nottingham. A former industrial area, it is now occupied by the rebels under Will Scarlett’s leadership.


Greenwood was formerly dominated by a mix of light and heavy industries including textile factories, electronics manufacture, and vehicle assembly. It was the biggest supplier of products and jobs in East Mercia and provided export possibilities and extra income for the Queendom. During the Great Torrent in 1921, most of this area was flooded by seawater, forcing all production to permanently stop. Investors fled, and soon the whole of Greenwood was deserted. It is now mostly wasteland dotted with the giant, ruined husks of flooded factories and abandoned warehouses almost entirely surrounded by the sea.

Rebel Headquarters

Greenwood was re-discovered by Will Scarlett and his followers at the dawn of the rebellion while King Richard was away in the Promised Land. Scarlet found the vacant ruins a perfect place to set up camp and provide a place for everyone in need. Greenwood became the centre and base of the rebellion against King John Fitzwalter and the home of many outlaws.

Greenwood is the ultimate refuge for everybody who wants to disappear. People who live here invariably have their chip removed to “go off-grid” and become invisible to the city’s system, and more importantly the City Guards’ tracking radar. Some of Greenwood’s occupants are not outlaws, they are families who simply have no other place to go but the State does not discriminate between them. 

Not being a part of the system means people have to provide food for themselves while learning to survive in this harsh environment. Wherever possible, crops are grown on the site, but yield declines year by year. Scarlett’s men also occasionally raid for food from the city’s resources while receiving irregular deliveries through Nick Little from the Loxley Estate. Many Greenwood residents have developed skills in hunting and scavenging to survive.  

Greenwood is an excellent site for the Rebellion merely for the characteristics of its grounds. It is incredibly complicated to enter this remote land due to the vast flooded areas, and therefore easy to keep an eye on the few remaining entry points. That is why King John hasn’t bothered to invade Greenwood yet, and the people here are relatively safe from bandits or scavengers from other parts of the wasteland. 

On the other hand, some rumours circulate in the area about City Guards poisoning the soil. There is no way of knowing if these rumours have any substance, but the fact remains that Greenwood’s small patches of fertile land shrink year by year.

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