Secular Holidays

In addition to the various Hycathic holidays celebrated in Nottingham, East Mercia, there are a number of other events that take place throughout the year. Though many of these holidays have their own rituals and festivals, only some are days of rest. These have been marked with a star (*).

Warriors’ Day – 6 April *

This is a day to commemorate the soldiers who have fallen in the line of duty. King John II instituted this holiday after the troops returned from the Promised Land Campaign.

Champions Week – second week of May

Every year, Nottingham holds a week-long tournament with days devoted to different martial sports, such as archery and armed combat. The majority of competitors are professional athletes, though it is not unusual for members of the military to participate. In addition, a special set of events for amateurs exists; participants who do well enough can qualify to compete in the main tournament, the following year. The week is a time to promote physical fitness and good health in general. The opening ceremony is marked by a ritual wherein the competitors enter Champion’s Square and kiss the statues of each of the Champions of the past and ask for their guidance in the trials ahead. A communal potluck meal and firework display follows.

Eli Bennet Day – 9 July *

This day, also known as the Day of Remembrance, commemorates the lives lost in the Great Torrent of 1921 and the birthday of Eli Bennet. During the flooding, he made repeated trips to the flooded east coast with a small boat to rescue people with no way out. Unfortunately, he died during his efforts, and the day was named to honor his heroism.

Roots Music Festival – 3rd Saturday of August

The first “Rootfest” was held in 1973 to celebrate the end of the Acorn Uprising and the resulting peace in the Anglia Isle. The day was such a success that it turned into an annual event. It is a good-natured, televised music competition with each member state of the Isle sending a musical group to represent them. People have viewing parties with friends and family to root for their group and eagerly await the announcement of the winner at midnight.

Shoesdays – first three Tuesdays of October

This multi-week charity drive was created by Carol Tuck, in 1992. On these Tuesdays leading into the colder months, collection centres are filled with donations of shoes, socks, mittens, and coats to help the needy. In the Inner Circle, people also mark the occasion by wearing extravagant shoes decorated with special jewellery. A portion of the proceeds from these jewellery sales also benefit the poor.

Gaia’s Day – 26 October

This holiday is the Anglia Isle’s equivalent of Earth Day. The name doesn’t come only from the ancient Greek titan. The date was chosen to commemorate the birth of Gaia Abernathy, a nineteenth-century scientist. Her breakthroughs in the desalination of seawater revolutionised agricultural practices. Abernathy’s work saved thousands of people in the wake of rising sea levels in the twentieth century. Citizens are encouraged to make earth-friendly choices today. This could mean spending an extra hour at the fitness centre, which, in addition means generating clean electricity. People are also encouraged to bike to work and avoid using electronics. On this day, school kids often plant acorns and other tree seeds to promote clean air.

Lottery Day – last Wednesday of December

On this day the annual lottery takes place and Nottingham’s citizenry eagerly await the results. There are a variety of prizes offered, ranging from cash prizes to a year’s access to the Inner Circle.

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