Mered Eymor

Mered Eymor

born 1124

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Mered Eymor was the daughter of Alice Eymor, posthumous Duchess of West Mercia and Empress Matilda’s first Hycath ally against King Stephen during the First Hycath War. Like her mother, Mered was a Baethla. Mered briefly accompanied her mother on the quest to recruit Hycath allies to support Empress Matilda.

After reaching Coventry while accompanying her mother’s quest for allies, Mered was taken in by her grandmother Meredith Eymor, as Alice grew concerned for her daughter’s safety. While residing in Coventry, Mered would receive the bulk of her Hycathic education from her grandmother.

Alice’s death at the Battle of Lincoln in 1141 meant that Maud awarded the Duchy of West Mercia to her posthumously; since Mered was still underage, she did not inherit it until 1142. She would hold this title until 1183 before passing it on to her own daughter, Alice.

Although initially resentful of her mother due to a sense of abandonment, after Alice’s death, Mered came to understand and appreciate the sacrifice that her mother made for her, and all other Hycathae.

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