Sybil Hart

Sybil Hart

30 June 1078, Winchester – 22 February YE 29

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Sybil Hart was an English Cyntha and Hycathic community leader best known for being directly involved in the New Forest Incident of 1100.

New Forest Incident

Sybil, together with Bath community leader Gwendolen Read and pioneer Coventry community leader Meredith Eymor, ambushed King Willem Rufus in the New Forest on 2 August 1100 and killed him by Hycathic magic. They did so in defiance of the Oculus whose codes prohibited all magical killings, whatever the provocation. History does not record whether Sybil herself committed the final act of killing; all three stood in solidarity with each other at their subsequent trial, where a sentence of Reckoning was prescribed. However, owing to the three’s exhortations and the rallying support of many of their allies, the Octal of the time felt compelled to approve a lawfully recognised defence of self-defence. From that moment on, this element of the Hycathic codes has been in place, which permits Hycathae to use their powers against humans in self-defence only.

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