Dr. Annette Lynton

Dr. Annette Lynton

Born: 18 October YE 837

Resides: Nottingham, East Mercia

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Dr. Annette Rebecca Lynton (born 18 October YE 837, Nottingham, East Mercia, Anglia Isle) is an East Mercian writer, broadcaster and academic. She is the creator of the podcast channel Strands of Time, on which she writes and presents limited podcast series exploring significant periods from history, with particular attention to East Mercia and Hycathism.

Early Life

Annette Rebecca Lynton was born to Susannah Lynton (b. YE 809), Head Librarian at the University of Clifton, and her husband Giles Lynton (né Hayward; YE 805-871), a writer on the popular Nottingham soap opera High June’s Square. Both parents’ occupations were strong influences on the direction she would take her own career.


Lynton studied History at Barton University, graduating in YE 859 with First Class Honours. She followed this with a Master’s, after which she began working on a PhD focusing on the life and legacy of Gabriella Fitzwalter whilst lecturing at Barton, becoming a Fellow in YE 868. Throughout this whole period she gained broadcasting experience, first presenting a show on student radio in her undergraduate years and then making occasional radio and television appearances over the next decade.

Lynton stepped back from teaching in YE 872 to pursue broadcasting full-time. In YE 875, she began presenting Scenes of Nottingham, an award-winning podcast primarily covering arts in the city. By YE 880, she had the experience and the finances to create Strands of Time; where she combines her first love of history with her new passion of broadcasting. The inaugural series, The Clash of the Cousins, explores the events that led to the First Hycath War.

Personal Life

Lynton married Thomas Boswick, a Nottingham-based property developer, in YE 874. They have one daughter, Jasmine (b. YE 876), and live near the university district of Nottingham. Lynton has maintained her interest in Nottingham academia even after stepping back from full teaching duties, and still occasionally lectures at Barton as a Visiting Fellow.

Published Works

Gabriella Fitzwalter: Woman Divided (Barton University Press, YE 867)

The Loxleys and the Ages of Hycath (Barton University Press, YE 872)

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