Dr. Christopher Aldridge

Dr. Christopher Aldridge

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Dr. Christopher Laurence Aldridge (né Ellerby) is an East Mercian theologian and religious leader. He is a practising Hycathus and a known authority on Hycathism as a faith.


Aldridge’s religious work sees him make frequent contributions to East Mercian media channels, and he is often invited as a guest on panels and programmes ranging from academic discussion to popular live streams such as #RhiTalks, hosted by Rhi Tuck.

Aldridge made one appearance on The Clash of the Cousins, an historical podcast series created and presented by Dr. Annette Lynton. He served as her expert guest for the second episode, in which they focused on Alice Eymor and her recruitment quest during the First Hycath War.

Personal Life

Aldridge married his wife, Sarah, a cousin of Deborah Aldridge, in YE 849.

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