Nuray of Aktau

Nuray of Aktau

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Nuray of Aktau was a Hycatha who spent her early life near Constantinople, before moving to Aktau with fellow Hycathae in search of a Hycathic society. She is recognised in Hycathic history for her influence on Roosmarijn Doolaard and, by extension, the outcome of the First Hycath War.

Nuray grew up as an orphan in the outskirts of Constantinople, in a refugee camp built by the Hycathic community that had been banished from the largely Church-influenced city out of fear. As a teenager, Nuray had established herself as a significant member of this Hycathic community and had become strongly involved with a planned exodus in response to finding out about the existence of a purely Hycathic city in Aktau.

While still only a young teenager, Nuray met Roosmarijn Doolaard, who had stopped in Constantinople on her mission to recruit the Anatolian Nyridia in support of Empress Matilda and had been redirected to the camp. Nuray relayed her knowledge of Aktau to Roosmarijn, who in turn decided to move her attention towards the Hycathic city where she could recruit further allies.

Together with Roosmarijn and a group of the camp’s inhabitants, Nuray travelled to Aktau, where she would spend many months settling with the city’s Hycathic community. Once Roosmarijn had been educated sufficiently by the city’s Nyridia leader, Elmira, she decided to travel on without Nuray, whom she believed was too young for the perilous journey. Before leaving, Roosmarijn promised that she would definitely return for Nuray.

Having spent many years settled in Aktau, Nuray was pleased to learn of the Empress and Roosmarijn’s victory in the First Hycath War, once the news had reached the city. By this time, Nuray had spent her time rising through the ranks of the city’s council, and had reached the position of Elmira’s aide. Keeping her promise, Roosmarijn eventually returned to Aktau some years after the war, reuniting with Nuray. After her arrival, Roosmarijn offered to bring Nuray to England with her, however, this offer was politely declined by Nuray, who had by then built a life amongst the people of Aktau.

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