Andratha (s), Andrathae (pl)

Notable Andrathae:
Ranulf le Meschin
Lydia Oliver (rumoured)

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Andrathae are non-Hycathae of all genders who attempt to use Hycathic magic through the manipulation of Hycathic artifacts. The practice is considered sacrilegious in Hycathism and has often been a source of conflict. Furthermore, it is damaging to the mental and physical health of the Andratha.


Andrathae learn to use Hycathic artifacts either through the tutelage of Hycathae or through extensive study of the craft, sometimes helped by the writings of other Andrathae or Hycathae. Excerpts from vellum books on the subject have been unearthed in strong boxes buried in the walls of some houses and castles, a clear indication that they were illicit.

Andrathae are not physically equipped to handle the full force of Hycathic magic in body or in mind, so they must practice caution when wielding it and build up their capabilities over a long and effortful period of training. Andrathae who misuse or overuse the magic or attempt to launch into use without proper practice are likely to experience mental degradation and adverse physical side effects as well, both of which are irreversible.

Conflict with Hycathae

Though some Hycathae are willing or can be persuaded to teach novice Andrathae, the majority of Hycathae consider this use of Hycathic magic to be deeply offensive, believing that Hecate intended her powers for Hycathae and Hycathae alone. Also, the use of Hycath Relics is effectively stealing magic left by a Hycatha for her own blood descendants. Andrathae will generally have their magical objects and other paraphernalia confiscated if discovered by Hycathae.

There have, however, been occasions in history where Hycathae have actively engaged in hunting operations to root out Andrathae, sometimes even descending into killing sprees. This has, in turn, exposed certain Hycathae to the threat of being Reckoned for their actions.

Notable Andrathae

Ranulf le Meschin, third husband of Lucy of Bolingbroke, who taught him to use magic at his impassioned request, wrote extensively about his travails with the magic in his diaries. He eventually went insane and died in 1129.

There have been rumours that Lydia Oliver of the infamous Oliver Twins, who played an important part in the Acorn Uprising (YE 531 – 533), was an Andratha.
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