Dr. Victoria Flood

Dr. Victoria Flood

born 30 April YE 818, Nottingham

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Dr. Victoria Beatrice Eloise Flood is an East Mercian historical writer and broadcaster, most noted in academia for her research into trade customs. She is also known for writing An Odyssey of Fire, an account of the quest undertaken by Roosmarijn Doolaard during the First Hycath War in the 1130s.

An Odyssey of Fire

Published in YE 881, An Odyssey of Fire came about quite by accident, as Flood has recounted in several interviews. She was originally doing research for a monograph on trade routes of the 11th Century AD. In the course of reviewing the works of Abu Abdullah al-Bakri, she learned of the Hycathic significance of the town of Ouadane and encountered the diaries of Roosmarijn Doolaard. Her interest was such that she abandoned the original work in order to focus on researching Roosmarijn’s life and Hycathic activities.

Flood served as an expert guest on the Roosmarijn-centric episode of the podcast The Clash of the Cousins, created and presented by Dr. Annette Lynton. An Odyssey of Fire was used as the primary source material for the episode with the writer’s permission. Flood was given the opportunity to tell the unique story of the book, as well as offer her insights into Roosmarijn, her life and the world she travelled through.

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